Buying Your Dream Car

Once you’ve found a good dealer to help you purchase your dream car, preparing the necessary paperwork comes next. Compared with other types of personal loans for people with bad credit, taking an auto loan entails more rigorous processes and requires a number of documents, especially because your credit history is poor. Here are the top four features that you need to prepare once you’ve decided to buy a car using personal loans for people with bad credit.

Credit Report

You may be using personal loans for people with bad credit to purchase a new car, but some lenders may still check your credit history. Thus, it remains important that you check your credit history and ensure there are no errors and inaccuracies. Do this ahead of time so you’ll have ample time to repair your credit file in case there are errors.

Bank Statement

Lenders will require that you provide bank statements for the last 3-6 months. Such statements will not only show how trustworthy you are when it comes to repaying loans, but will also verify your identity and income. Bank statements will also show where your money goes. If you can also show your lender a history of savings, this may also increase your chances of getting approved.

Employment Status

Lenders will look into your employment status, both past and present, and most of them will require that you are working on the same job or industry for the last 12 months or so. If you switch jobs frequently or currently on probation, your chance of getting approved is not so good. Lenders will most likely approve you of a loan if you have stable source of income.

Residential Status

In order to verify the residential information you provide them, lenders will require that you submit proof of residence, such as a phone bill and utility bill. Your credit card or bank account statements should also show such information. A stable residence will increase your chances of an approval. Also, especially if you have bad credit, you can use your home as collateral, which will also increase the likelihood of approval.

Being denied of a loan is not always a result of poor credit history. Especially if you’re taking out personal loans for people with bad credit, your approval may be as good as someone with good credit for as long as you are able to satisfy the things and documents that are required of you.