Everyday Savings

Cutting and monitoring expenses can be challenging especially since our world encourages instant gratification. However, there are ways to save every day.

The irony in this day and age is we need more money to buy things we don’t need. At the same time, we are made to believe that the way to happiness is to acquire more by purchasing more. However, once we have spent all our hard-earned cash and have nothing left to use in time of emergency, we realize the value of saving up for the rainy days.

Commit to a weekly financial regrouping. This means you take the time once a week to sit down and reassess your expenses and budget for the coming days. Reviewing your accounts and tracking your progress will help you evaluate whether or not you have done the necessary steps to cut costs and save more.

Plan out grocery and meals ahead. One of the best ways to not give in to instant gratification is to list down your shopping list. Of course this list has to be stripped down to only what’s necessary. To do this, plan your meals ahead and stick to what you need to make these meals. Not only does this help you save. It also helps you assess whether you are eating healthy or not.

Give up the cable or the internet. Since the Internet has become necessary in our day to day lives, perhaps you can opt for getting rid of the cable instead. Many people would react negatively to this, but think of the online services where you can watch your shows as an alternative. Instead of paying about $1,500 a year for cable service, you might as well use the money to save up for a trip or to pay off debt.

Be creative with your workout plan. Exercise is an important part of staying healthy especially if your work involves sitting for hours in front of the computer. You need to stretch and sweat all the stress out. However, instead of paying hundreds of dollars for gym membership perhaps you can try other alternatives first. You may opt to go for a run at the park or around the neighbourhood. If you are into yoga, you may also choose to watch and join classes through YouTube. These are creative and absolutely cheap ways of finding alternative for getting a gym membership.

Make your own coffee at home. Spending about $5 for coffee is not much, but it definitely adds up if you do this often enough. Instead of dropping by a café on your way to work, why don’t you make one yourself? It would cost less, plus you get the benefit of controlling what goes into your drink.

Stay busy. This is not busy as in exclusively with work, but with a hobby or things you are passionate about. Most people think of purchasing more when they are bored. This way, they feel like they are filling their lives with something meaningful, however misguided and false this may be. To avoid this, fill your time by developing a skill or engaging with a new hobby.

Do not be defeated by impulse buying. Purchasing has become very easy for us these days. With just a click of a button, you can easily buy something. Keep in mind that just because you want something, doesn’t mean you need it. If you want to save money and have control over your finances, take control of your impulse buying habits first. The rest should follow.