Extra Money

People have various reasons why the need/want to take in extra work, whether to work more hours with their regular jobs or getting a side job. They want to make money. And if you have the following reasons, you should also try to make money more yourself.

First, you want to pay off your debts. Your day job probably covers most of your basic necessities but you’re unable to wriggle more cash for your debts. If you want to pay off your debts fast, then you should make money by getting a second job. You can throw your income from the second job solely for debts, and eventually it will be rewarding.

You also probably need to make money for your emergency fund. No matter where you are at life right now, having a sound emergency fund brings in some semblance of peace and confidence against the unexpected.

Lastly, you want to live your passion. Your day job is probably not in line with your passion and while you can tolerate it, you know you want to earn from your passion too. A good way to make money without giving up the stability of your day job is just to get a second job in line with what you’re really passionate with.

If you’re earning so much from your second job or side hustle and you enjoy doing it too, you might someday be able to scale up and make it a business of your own. But while that’s thinking in advance, giving yourself good reasons why you need to make money on the side should be enough fuel for you to make room for such endeavors.