Getting Approved

While it is true that getting advance cash loans is easier than getting regular bank loans, being able to provide all the requirements to getting one does not guarantee approval. Here are some tips on how to ensure approval for advance payday loans.

Have a stable income
This does not only mean having a job. You should have that job for at least 6 months. This means to say that if you have just gotten your current job, then you don’t have a “stable” income yet. You should be able to provide a proof of income for at least 6 months.

Apply for an amount you can afford
As mentioned, being eligible to get advance payday loan does not guarantee approval for your application. To ensure approval, make sure that you can show that you can pay back the amount you intend to borrow. To know how much you should borrow based on your income, check out your lender’s website. This information is usually published on there. Otherwise, talk to your lender first before sending over your application.

Most importantly, honestly fill out the application form as lenders will always have a way to verify your information. Any conflicting information in your application may result in refusal from your lender.