If you’re the type of person who always gives in to the temptation of a purchase instantly, chances are, your finances aren’t looking very well. Harness delayed gratification and reap the following benefits.

Sticking to Your Budget

Thinking over a potential purchase before handing over your credit card or cash will allow you to ponder if this purchase is truly important to you. Impulse purchases are notorious in ruining your budget. Give yourself some time before making the purchase and see if you’d really want to part with your money over this item.

Combat Overspending

There’s always an emotional trigger for you to spend. Whether you’re spending as a form of therapy or try to keep up with others, overspending will never do your finances any good. Delaying a purchase as much as possible will help you curb overspending and suffer from the costly consequences of making instantaneous decisions.

Generate More Savings

Delaying gratification will help you save more in certain ways. What if you realize you didn’t like the color or the size doesn’t fit? Instead of spending money, you now have more to add to your savings.

It’s often easy to make a purchase, especially if you have the money handy and accessible. However, making impulse purchases can lead to long-term regrets. Think over your purchases carefully and give yourself time to decide. It’s always wise to make a calculated decision later than make impulse purchases right now.