Keep Spending in Check

The holiday season provides a convenient excuse to spend than normal, but if you still want to keep your finances under wraps, consider following these tips.

Stick to your budget. Set a price that you can afford for food, gifts, parties and other expenditures and stick to it. Make plans early and take advantage of early bird promos to maximize your savings and cover everything.

Save and use cash. Ideally you want to use cash and has saved up you don’t make unnecessary charges to your credit card. The holidays will tempt you to spend more and you could end up buying things you didn’t intend and make hefty charges to your account.

Say NO. With the abounding feelings of generosity, you might want to say yes to all things this season. But stop right there and say no if the expense is way beyond what you can afford or you think it is unreasonable and un-meaningful.

You don’t want to be a scrooge but you also don’t want to regret your expenses as the New Year opens. So as early as now, plan your expenses and map your finances for a better financial life ahead.