Make Money from Your Passion

Although most of us are bought up to believe that having a corporate job is the best and most secure way to make money, freelancing provide a profound yet unconventional way of making money.

While a salaried office job offers stability, freelancing on the other hand offers flexibility. Imagine how nice it would be to jet off, go to an island, work on your own pace and still make money? Whether you’re a writer, a designer or a photographer, working freelance does have so many perks.

For one, it allows you to make money from your passion. You might not like dealing with paperwork at your cubicle, attending morning meetings and dealing with difficult officemates. Freelancing allows you to do the job you like, pick your projects and clients and even fire those that you don’t like. Of course, you need to establish some stability in the freelancing field before you can do this, but it helps knowing you will ultimately get the freedom to do so.

Freelancing also allows you to make money even more than your day job. A regular salaried job will require you 9-5, squeeze all the work that’s demanded of you and still get the same salary no matter how much work you did this payroll. Freelancing may not be as stable, but it can generate a lot of revenue especially during the peak seasons. Freelance accountants for example can make a lot of money during tax season. You might have some lean months, but the heavy months will surely make up for them, even more.

Once you’ve established your name as a freelancer, it becomes easier to make money. Instead of reaching out to clients, they will be the one to find you. You will become the boss of your own business and you can set the terms, compromise with clients and win deals without relying with an employer.

Freelancing requires a lot of hustle, but at least you’re doing it in a field you love or you’re good at so you can easily make money and not feel like you’re working. It is challenging field, but it can be highly lucrative especially for freelancers with great amounts of determination, commitment and passion.