Money Making

Many of us think that working on a job means going to the office, facing your tasks, attending meetings and reporting to your boss. If you own a business, it could mean inventories, payrolls and filing taxes, etc. These all seem like a chore and they comprise most of our waking hours’ routine. But if you aim to make money the meaningful way, you need to look at work in a better and different light.

First, you might want to go back to the reason why you want to make money in the first place. It could be that you want to pay your students loans off, have the funds to travel the world, provide for family or establish financial security. When you’re slacking or feel that work is becoming boring, go back to these reasons to re-spark your motivation to make money.

It also helps to realize that you are not just contributing to your own personal and financial growth. When you make money, you are also helping and contributing to others in the supply chain. A doctor helps his patient, a teacher helps his students and an office staff makes things easier for the customer. You are not alone in this chain. Your working relationship with other people also contributes to their own growth.

Sometimes we get too absorbed with the fact that our having a job or a business pays the bills, but when you look at the bigger picture, you’ll find that there’s more to making money. You are basically painting your financial future and determining the financial path you will walk on for the years to come. Having positive mindset when you make money takes you back to the core reasons why you’re doing what you do in the first place, and that is enough to fuel your passion and give your best.