Bad Credit Score

Your credit score is a very crucial factor of your financial life. With a poor credit score, taking out loans from banks becomes difficult. Bank representatives are sure to look   Read more[...]

Life Circumstances

Life changes and it’s likely that you’ll need money as you go through them. When you get married, change careers, move to a new location, loss your job or have a baby,   Read more[...]

Repair Financial Damage

When a financial issue comes with a great dose of urgency, some people tend to resort to desperate measures. They just want to get rid of it right away, breathe a little, and   Read more[...]

Financial Emergencies

If a storm has blown up half of your roof or your car’s engine needs serious repairs, will you be financially-prepared for them? Unfortunately, a lot of Americans nowadays are   Read more[...]

Four Great Tips

Getting approved for the best loan is challenging, if not impossible, when you have bad credit. Traditional lenders like banks would likely deny you of low-interest loans which   Read more[...]

Build an Emergency Fund

To put it simply, emergency fund is the money you stash to pay for three to six months’ worth of expenses in your savings account. It is called rainy day or emergency fund   Read more[...]

Temporary Financial Cushions

You’ve also probably heard of financial experts preaching to save for the rainy days. Also called a financial cushion, this money could come in handy for any unknown and   Read more[...]

Saving Money on a Budget

Saving money is never impossible. Even for those who are currently paying for bad credit loans. Provided that you have regular income and determination to save, you can pay off   Read more[...]

Repair, Rebuild and Protect

If you have tried applying for loans for people with bad credit before, you know how hard it is to have poor credit score. To help you get past the financial trouble, here are   Read more[...]

Prepare Your Finances

According to a survey in February, more and more people are feeling more secured about their finances and dubbed 2017 as the year of financial security. Whether you feel   Read more[...]