Small Lifestyle Changes

It’s a known fact that in order to raise more money from your existing income, you’ll have to get a promotion, score a raise or even win the lottery. But little lifestyle sacrifices can also result to a huge amount.
Your fixed income can only take you so much. After you’ve paid all the bills, what’s left is little to none for you to spend on other things. However, some of those bills can be source of some extra money, only if you forego them.

Bills you Pay for Entertainment

Paying for magazine subscription, cable and movies can add up to a decent amount. If you take them out of the picture and get an equally decent internet connection and subscribe to cheaper streaming services like Netflix, you’ll see a huge difference in spending.

Substitute Gym Membership for Free Exercise

True, the gym is equipped with all the tools you need to be fit, but using the same motivation and different approach, you can still be fit and spend nothing to less. Workout DVDs and free exercises like walking, running, hiking and biking are perfect substitutes to your gym routines without breaking the bank.

Carpool and Rent a Room

Gas prices are moving upwards and you need to be smarter about your transportation choices. If you can’t walk to work, consider carpooling. Also, to help manage the cost of mortgage, consider subletting a spare room in your home. That rent money will slash your mortgage payment to at most half and you can use the other half for other matters, like savings.
If you’re open to certain changes and willing to make some sacrifices, you’ll find that there are actually many ways to save money from your very own expenses.