Spending Triggers

How to avoid bad spending

The holiday season is a time to celebrate, but the word “celebrate” itself implies that you will spend one way or another.

But little did you know that you’re mind is tricked to spend and you could end up spending more than intend to. After all, celebrating in merriment could make you go overboard.

Another trigger that you need to watch out for is your feeling of generosity these holidays.

You might want to gift everyone close to you, but marketing ploys in stores could make you forget your budget. To prevent this, make a list of people you intend to gift, their gifts and how much you can allocate.

Also, be wary of promotions and sales that aim to entice customers to spend even if they don’t want to. You might think you’re getting a good deal, but if you’re spending for something you will barely use even for a cheaper price, then it’s still a bad deal.

These holidays, customers will be vulnerable to various spending triggers and it’s in the best interest of your budget and financial being to be wary and vigilant.