The Benefits of Saying No

Did you want that bag and bought it promptly? Are you tempted to join your friends for an expensive holiday cruise? Did you really want that spend that much money on fun? If you say yes and quickly indulged yourself with these wants without second thoughts, you could be just one step away from a financial trouble.

These days getting what you want now comes with one convenient swap. But you wouldn’t feel the sting until you see your bill and realize that you cannot afford the payments. And this is the time you realize you should have said no to yourself.

If you had said no to the bag and built up your savings instead, you will feel more secured financially. Buying an expensive item when you’ve secured most aspects of your life will no longer feel painful, but rewarding. And all it takes is just say no now and get it later when your financial situation has improved.

You don’t have to think that saying no is deprivation. Instead, think of it as delayed gratification. You will soon come to a point that it’s easier to say yes to a lot of things, but while you’re building up your finances, you won’t regret saying no right now.